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Third Act with Liz Tinkham

Dec 8, 2020

This episode of The Third Act Podcast features Beverly Tarulli, the Human Library. This moniker is derived from her eternal passion for learning, guiding her initial studies at Franklin & Marshall that later progressed to earning her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


Beverly’s high academic performance and drive landed her a job at Bell South, which is now AT&T, developing and validating tests to hire frontline workers. Her role at PepsiCo evolved over her fourteen year career, leading efforts in organization and talent development, global human resources, and eventually becoming the Vice President of Human Capital Strategy & Advanced Workforce Analytics. While working at PepsiCo, she was also a part-time faculty member at Columbia University.  Prior to PepsiCo, Beverly worked at Accenture where she helped launch their Human Capital Practice. Now, as a newly appointed clinical assistant professor at NYU School of Professional Studies, Beverly specializes in human capital and human capital analytics.


Beverly prioritized her passion for people as truly human capital in every career move she made, coming full circle back to academia at NYU.. Hear more about Beverly's insights on re-skilling your labor force, the impact of people in your organization, work-life balance, and more in the fourth episode of Third Act:


  1. (00:32) Introduction to Beverly Tarulli
  2. (01:53) Act 1: Franklin & Marshall and her path to psychology
  3. (05:47) Act 2: Re-skilling employees to hire and develop talent in big corporations, started with Bell South
  4. (06:27) Accenture and Human Performance Consulting: the impact of people on a project
  5. (07:29) Challenges of budget allocated to change management to support her work, what kept her going
  6. (10:14) Move to PepsiCo and building work life balance doing human capital strategy and advanced workforce analytics--building HR strategy framework as a student of CEO at the time, Indra Nooyi
  7. (14:40) Act 3: the analytics behind the people
  8. (17:53) Giving HR a seat at the table
  9. (26:20) The true value behind technology: its impact
  10. (27:11) The ethics of data and the implications
  11. (27:57) COVID-19 and its impact to the world of academia
  12. (29:24) Lifting and shifting doesn’t work: stop thinking about academia as second best option
  13. (31:21) The Human Library: never done with learning


Get in touch with Beverly through her LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.