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Third Act with Liz Tinkham

Jan 25, 2022

On today’s show, Liz talks to Bradley Schurman. His book, The Super Age – Decoding Our Demographic Destiny, published last week and it is a must-read for anyone in or serving the 50 years+ demographic. 

In his book, Bradley explores what it can mean for our collective future when there are more people older than 65 than those under the age of 18. And it’s not all doom and gloom. The advent of older-majority populations will drive innovation in government, business, housing, mobility, and media that can be positive for all age groups—assuming we act soon. He also tells Liz how the lives of his Depression-era grandparents led him to look more closely at the demographic and societal impacts of aging.

Last, he talks about his seminal work on aging while working at AARP and what he plans to do with his consulting agency, also called The Super Age, to help organizations harness the opportunities of an increasingly older and generationally diverse population.