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Third Act with Liz Tinkham

Mar 15, 2022

Today Liz talks with Paolo Gaudiano -   The DEI Data Scientist.   How does a guy who studied Aerospace Engineering connect the dots to lead the field of simulation modeling to determine Inclusion? As a college student, Paolo Gaudiano took a class on the cognitive functions of the brain which led to a lifelong academic and professional interest in neural networks, AI and statistical modeling.  While working for Icosystems doing simulation modeling, Paolo had the opportunity to look at why inner city kids in Baltimore dropped out of high school.  The experience of working with these kids made Paolo realize how privileged he was as a white, cisgender male.  He subsequently devoted his life’s work to DEI, specifically looking at the issues of inclusion, which he believes most companies don’t understand.  Today he combines academic research, with both a nonprofit and for profit company to advance the mission of improving DEI in companies.