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Third Act with Liz Tinkham

Dec 1, 2020

When he was about to graduate from Purdue, Andre Hughes met an influential senior executive who leveraged his network to get Andre a great job at AT&T. Andre never forgot the lesson he learned from this “kingmaker”, quickly becoming a kingmaker himself during his long career as a Managing Director at Accenture. A natural leader, Andre built large practice areas within Accenture, developing a global following of younger leaders. But, it was a trip to Kenya as the head of the Accenture Foundation that sparked his passion for global philanthropy. He saw how his knowledge of teaching others how to help themselves could be built into a software platform.

In this episode, Liz Tinkham speaks with Andre about his Third Act: Powered By Action. Andre founded Powered By Action to provide innovative software solutions to other nonprofits to help them extend their reach and virtually connect all of their constituents. Andre and teammates bring their diverse expertise to automate program delivery through short-messages, live webcasts, content delivery and polls to build engagement on other nonprofits’ platforms.

  1. (00:31) Introduction to Andre Hughes
  2. (01:57) Act 1: Purdue University and the ticket to opportunity
  3. (05:03) Creating value by fusing engineering and business
  4. (05:43) Act 2: Arthur Andersen and Accenture 
  5. (8:56) The power of relationships
  6. (09:34) Andre Hughes: the Kingmaker
  7. (10:25) Painting a vision in the conference room
  8. (12:07) Human capital role: a collage of social responsibility, human capital strategy, and skill development
  9. (16:00) Sharing your voice to create significance for someone else
  10. (18:58) Catalyst for Act 3: Powered By Action
  11. (27:14) The evolution and scaling of Powered By Action
  12. (31:42) Achieving the vision: digitizing, storytelling, and connecting

Connect with Andre on LinkedIn, or email him at You can learn more about Andre’s Third Act at Want to hear about more people like Andre? Follow and subscribe to The Third Act podcast.